RARC Membership Dues

Annual dues for Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) membership help pay for general club operating expenses. Membership is valid for one year from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. There are only two kinds of memberships: Regular and Associate.

REGULAR: Requires a Canadian Amateur radio qualification certificate and call sign. Only 'Regular' members have voting privileges, are entitled to all club benefits and can serve on the board of directors.

ASSOCIATE: New radio Amateurs who have successfully completed RARC radio course and received a one-year trial membership. 'Associates' are entitled to club benefits except voting privileges.

Base fee is $45, of which $13 is forwarded to Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) for member insurance. If you are also a member of RAC, then the insurance charge is included with your RAC fee and so your RARC club membership fee is reduced to $35. Membership dues can be paid by cash (e-Transfer), cheque (postal mail), or online (PayPal below).

New Membership or Renewal

$45 - Single member fee if you do not have a RAC membership.

$35 - Reduced fee if you are a RAC member. (Because insurance is paid with RAC membership.)

Single Member


The Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) invites all those who are interested in Amateur radio to become a part of the local Amateur radio community by joining our organization.

To become a member of RARC, e-mail us the required membership info::

- Full name as registered on your certificate
- Call sign
- Complete mailing address
- Contact e-mail address
- Contact phone number

Club e-mail: richmondarc@cwthree.com

e-Transfer e-mail: rarc-payment@cwthree.com

Payment can also be postal mailed to:
Richmond Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 88061, Richmond, BC, V6X 3T6
Where Your Fees Go
Membership fees are used for club admin and general operations. Special programs such as maintennce of club station VE7GOG, volunteer appreciation and emergency communications are funded by extra-budget (or extraordinary) funds from club events, donations and grants.

The following is a breakdown of how and where your membership fee is spent as a percentage of the (2015-2016) budget.

19.0% - Admin. (stationery, website, ICBC, etc).
19.5% - Meeting room and PO box rentals
23.5% - RAC insurance
17.3% - Field Day
20.7% - Annual radio course (budgeted)
Club Benefits
- Use of club station VE7GOG
- Participation in special events with Salmon Festival and GOG Societies
- Subsidized program courses and training
- 50% off GOG Cannery Society membership
- Club-funded pricing for club equipment
- Members group purchase discounts
Club Assets
- VE7GOG station: VHF/UHF, HF 10-20-40-80m
- Comm. trailer: VHF/UHF, repeater
- Repeater frequency: VE7RMD VHF/UHF
- Grab & Go Kit: VHF/UHF, digital/packet
- Members with of experience and know-how

Updated May 28, 2022