Next Basic Qualification Radio Course
Online Version
Feb. 12 to Mar. 26, 2022
(Registration Closed for Oct. 2, 2021 Fall Basic Course)

About the Radio Course

The RARC Basic Qualification course is structured around 15 hours of instructions with a curriculum based on 100 topics in the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) exam for the Amateur Radio Operator Certificate.

Syllabus for the online version of this course includes additional audio-visual content, interactive presentations and reference handouts to help students obtain a better understanding of the Amateur radio topics and basic radio operations.

Classes are held on five consecutive Saturday mornings starting on Feb. 12, from 9 am to noon, with the exam on Mar. 26. No classes will be held on Feb. 19 to free up the Family Day long weekend.

The classroom is an Internet-based, online environment using mainstream virtual conferencing tools (i.e. Zoom). Class size will be limited to retain productive discussions and knowledge exchange.

How and where the ISED exam will be conducted following the end of the course depends on safety practices and available venues at that time. Based on current COVID-19 restrictions, plans are to hold the written exam at an open food court in Richmond where our last two written exams over the past four months were conducted. Protocols for one-to-one online examinations are presently in place but that option will only be a last resort.

Registration fee will include a course sudy guide, reference handouts, instructor notes, Government of Canada (ISED) Basic Qualification exam, and online registration of call sign upon passing exam. Successful students will each receive one year trial membership with RARC.

Payment of registration fee can be made electronically by either PayPal or Interac e-Transfer. Payment information is on the right-hand column of this page.

Course Instructors

Classes are conducted by a faculty of instructors who are RARC members that are knowledgable and passionate about their respective Amateur radio subjects of interest. Some instructors are long-time radio operators and also hold Advanced and Morse Code qualifications. Classes usually have more than one instructor as well as other club members present to assist with the presentations and help answer questions from students. The exam will be conducted by RARC members who are Government of Canada ISED accredited (volunteer) examiners.

Why do you need a Basic qualification?

A Basic qualification certificate is required by ISED to legally transmit on allocated Amateur radio frequencies and is usually the first step into the Amateur radio hobby. Morse Code is a separate qualification and is no longer a requirement for a Basic qualification certificate. The Advanced qualification can be obtained for additional operating privileges after the Basic qualification.

Since many emergency communication services involve Amateur radio, volunteers (in Canada) will require a Basic qualification in order to operate on Amateur frequencies during emergency exercises and activation. As radio transmissions using HF bands are becoming more significant in emergency commmunications, it is recommended that Amateur radio operators possess at least Basic with Honours qualification (80%+ exam score) before volunteering with an Amateur radio emergency communications organization.

Online Basic Course

To register for the Basic Qualification course, send us an e-mail with the following info:

- Your name (same as your government ID)
- Telephone number (emergency contact)
- E-mail address (e-mail contact)
- Resident address (for call sign registration)

Payment of $100 course fee can be made by:

- PayPal online payment:
  (Use button below)

- Interac e-Transfer to RARC email address:

- Cheque payment to RARC postal address at:
  PO Box 88 061, Richmond, BC, V6X 3T6

Why is Your Personal Info
Required to Register
for the Radio Course?

Your personal information is necessary in order to submit your exam score to ISED and register your call sign.

Name: Needs to be same as the one on your government issued ID and will be used for your ISED issued certificate (a.k.a. licence).

E-mail address: Required by ISED (and RARC) to contact you so you can access your ISED account and register your call sign.

Residential Address: Canadian residency is required for your call sign. Province of your address will determine your call sign prefix. You can enter your full address when you create your ISED account and then have the option to display only your province on the ISED Website's call sign search datatbase.

Date of Birth: Your birth date is required to submit your exam score to ISED and register your Basic qualification. You can choose to enter that info confidentially yourself when the examiner is accessing the ISED site.

RARC Instructors

Urey Chan, VE7URE* (RARC)
Charles Cohen,VA7CPC* (RARC)
Carole Eng, VA7QCE* (NSARC)
Allan Leong, VE7WXZ
Roy Thaller, VA7RTL

Our volunteer instructors are all RARC members, many of whom are long-time Amateur radio operators with Advanced and Morse Code qualifications, as well as academic backgrounds in scientific fields.

* Some of our instructors are also volunteer accredited examiners authorized by ISED to conduct Government of Canada Amateur radio qualification exams. Sponsoring Amateur radio organization of examiner is in brackets following name of instructor.

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Updated September 29, 2021