Why RARC Welcomes Donations

Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) membership dues only pay for general operating expenses. Additional income from donations help fund special projects by enabling purchase of special equipment to enhance RARC programs supported by grants from Province of BC and City of Richmond.

A recent cash donation was used to purchased the transport case and electric components required to assemble a grab and go kit using radio equipment acquired from grants for the club's emergency communications program. The radio kit is being used as a portable station for emergency communications as well as training equipment for radio courses and demonstration aid at public events.

Donations are required to help fund RARC projects to upgrade club assets and improve communications capabilities to better support local emergency preparedness initiatives and programs. We are presently seeking funding from private, corporate and government sources for the following RARC projects:

Solar Power System for Station - Installation of solar power at the club station, VE7GOG on Parks Canada Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site property, to enable radio operations using alternate power.

Antenna Tower Replacement - Replace aging antenna tower at VE7GOG station with automatic telescoping system to add additional 20-m (extended) height while retaining height of existing tower when retracted.

Repeater Installation - Relocation of existing VHF/UHF repeater, presently at City of Richmond Works Yard, to location at VE7GOG station where it can enhance the radio communications link between the Islands and Lower Mainland.

RARC is not a registered charity and, therefore, cannot issue tax receipts for donations.

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Why Donate to RARC?

The Richmond Amateur Radio Club is a registered BC Society of volunteers to promote the interests of Amateur Radio, assist in the provision of communication services in the event of an emergency, and provide communications for public community events as requested. RARC is a supporter of Emergency Management BC and Richmond Emergency Programs, and an affiliated club with Radio Amateurs of Canada. Many RARC members also volunteer with Richmond Emergency Management Office (REMO) under Emergency Social Services (ESS) and/or Richmond Emergency Preparedness Amateur Radio Society (REPARS). RARC also actively supports local community events such as Seveston Salmon Festival Canada Day Parade, special programming for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society, Richmond Terry Fox Run and Vancouver Sun Run.

RARC Revenue Sources
Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) generates income from the following sources:

Membership dues - To cover costs of general operations (i.e. admin, meetings, insurance)

Events - Proceeds from annual radio course and swap meet pay for maintenance of club equipment and assets.

Grants - Provincial and city grants help fund club emergency communications programs in training, improvement in operations, and volunteer support.

Donations - Cash, proceeds from donated equipment, and in-kind services contribute towards equipment acquisition and reduce project expenses.
How Membership Fees
are Allocated
Membership fees are used for club admin and general operations. Special programs such as maintennce of club station VE7GOG, volunteer appreciation and emergency communications are funded by extra-budget (or extraordinary) funds from club events, donations and grants.

The following is a breakdown of how and where your membership fee is spent as a percentage of the (2015-2016) budget.

19.0% - Admin. (stationery, website, ICBC, etc).
19.5% - Meeting room and PO box rentals
23.5% - RAC insurance
17.3% - Field Day
20.7% - Radio course (budgeted)
Club Benefits
- Use of club station VE7GOG
- Participation in special events with Salmon
  Festival and GOG Societies
- Subsidized program courses and training
- 50% off GOG Cannery Society membership
- Club-funded pricing for club equipment
- Members group purchase discounts
Club Assets
- VE7GOG station: VHF/UHF, HF 10-20-40-80m
- Comm. trailer: VHF/UHF, repeater
- Repeater frequency: VE7RMD VHF/UHF
- Grab & Go Kit: VHF/UHF, digital/packet
- Members with of experience and know-how

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Updated February 1, 2019